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A Natural Teaching Experience


A whiteboard is infinitely more than slides. It’s the centerpiece of your classrooms where you learn, play, get it wrong, and do it all again until you get it right. Get a real-time tool that allows non-linear, ad-hoc engagement.

Get a tool purpose-built for educators to teach your way.

A Classroom without Boundaries


A classroom is where learning happens. The natural extension of the learning experience is to bring teachers and learners together no matter where they are.

Wherever learning happens can be the classroom. Here’s the tool that makes that happen.

A Visual Learning Assistant in Your Pocket


Learning is just better when it’s easier. Challenges to both teachers and students can take many forms: engaging with lessons, participating in activities, and even signing into the tools.

Everyone can use a little help from Companion to make teaching and learning simpler.

Built-in Interactive Teaching Materials


More teaching resources are always welcome. Teachers already have enough to do without needing to create their own interactive media. It helps to have pre-made content to use as building blocks for an effective lesson.

Originals is an ever-growing library of interactive media, lesson plans, and teachable content ready and waiting for you.

Easiest Screen Sharing Ever


It would be great to share a screen without anyone tripping over cables or losing dongles. Too often, a “simple” tech relies on elaborate connectors, complex wireless presentation systems, or bloated software.

Instead, you can present the content from any device directly to the display at the front of your class through a standard web browser.

Central Device Control


Each display in a school is part of a larger ecosystem. However, maintenance and management of each piece of tech individually is a huge time sink for everyone involved.

Save the hassle. All IT teams to access, update, and control displays anywhere on the network from a single dashboard.

What does myViewBoard do best?

Learning starts before the lesson

Lesson planning takes at least as long as teaching that lesson. With the right tools, however, teachers can create the kind of teaching materials of their dreams. Now educators can create multimedia lessons from anywhere and share them with anyone.

Plan Lessons as Delivered

Teachers can use Whiteboard to plan a full multi-media lesson based on their own teaching style.

Import and Edit with Ease

Classroom can import existing lessons or media and then allow teachers to revise or update content as needed.

Ready-made Interactivity

As a starting point for interactive content, Originals is a vast collection of pre-made teaching resources.

Great teaching is about clear communication

A lesson is so much more than a presentation. Teaching needs to leave room for the unexpected. This means the ability to add multimedia on the fly, reach students more easily, and share content at the speed of thought.

Enrich Your Lessons

Whiteboard combines the versatility of an analogue whiteboard with immediate access to digital media.

From One to Many

Teachers can now interact with students on a whole new level with Classroom and its built-in lesson delivery platform.

Any Device to Any Display

Teachers and students alike can cast their screen with Display with nothing but a web browser and an idea to share.

Engagement is at the center of effective learning

Learning is better together, so an effective teaching tool has to include students in every lesson. With the right tools, it’s easy for learners to interact with the lessons and their peers.

Group Work in Shared Spaces

Learners of all ages can gather around Whiteboard to write, draw, and play together in hands-on learning environments.

Learning Better Together

Students can huddle up within Classroom regardless of location with easy access to resources and communication.

Pocket-sized Participation

Companion is a powerful mobile app used to access the full potential of multi-user interactivity in any lesson.

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