What does Companion do?

Simple myViewBoard sign in for any user

In a world where cloud computing is fast becoming the standard, the expectation is for people to connect to their own accounts on any device. And it needs to be fast.

Companion connects teachers, students, and IT administrators to a Whiteboard session instantly through an on-screen QR code.

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Personal-sized participation for all

Our mobile devices are supposed to connect us to the world around us, but they often act as a barrier. Companion gets back to basics with the ability to participate in Whiteboard sessions through a mobile device.

Students and teachers can get the most out of lessons with features like polls, quizzes, and the ability to throw images to a shared lesson.

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Control Whiteboard from around the room

Teachers are often stuck at the front of a classroom during lessons. Companion allows better teacher-student interaction by freeing teachers from their displays.

Presenters can interact with Whiteboard, click forward on presentation, and even use their mobile devices as a laser pointer.

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Real-time feedback from Sens

Feedback is a valuable part of developing as a teacher, but most feedback either intrudes on the lesson or comes too late to make a difference.

However, Sens gives educators immediate (but subtle) insights on student engagement and environmental factors that contribute to improved learning outcomes.

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Made with IT managers in mind

System administrators need access, not another app. Luckily, users with the right permissions can access Manager and Sens functionality with as much ease as a student accesses lessons but enterprise-grade security in place.

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Download Companion on your mobile device

Get your own copy of Companion on whatever device you use. Always free and always easy to use.

Better together

Get more out of lessons with tools designed to integrate with Companion

A Natural Teaching Experience


A whiteboard is infinitely more than slides. It’s the centerpiece of your classrooms where you learn, play, get it wrong, and do it all again until you get it right. Get a real-time tool that allows non-linear, ad-hoc engagement.

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Central Device Control


Each display in a school is part of a larger ecosystem. However, maintenance and management of each piece of tech individually is a huge time sink for everyone involved.

Save the hassle. All IT teams to access, update, and control displays anywhere on the network from a single dashboard.

A Classroom without Boundaries


A classroom is where learning happens. The natural extension of the learning experience is to bring teachers and learners together no matter where they are.

Wherever learning happens can be the classroom. Here’s the tool that makes that happen.

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