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Reduce IT admin workload and enhance resource allocation with a centralized platform that streamlines device and app management, troubleshooting, and campus communication.

Centralized Device Management Platform

Efficiently manage campus devices with centralized control over ViewSonic ViewBoards, Presentation Displays, and any device paired with the ViewBoard Box—all from the convenience of your web browser.

Unlock Efficiency. Anywhere

Offering essential device management and campus communication features, Manager Standard is accessible to all Entity users. For schools looking to unlock maximal efficiency, the Manager Advanced license provides enhanced device management, communication, and performance optimization tools.

*Manager is serviceable with all ViewBoard series, ViewBoard Box, CDE 12 & 20 Series, and limited series of ViewSonic LED displays.

Remote Commands

Seamlessly control and schedule the shutdown, firmware, and software updates of network devices through the intuitive dashboard to effectively conserve energy and optimize performance for an efficient campus.

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Multimedia Broadcast

Schedule or instantly push multimedia content and playlists, including photos, videos, music, and messages, to network displays, streamlining campus communication and elevating the quality of school announcements.

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Emergency Broadcast

Strengthen school safety measures by integrating a CAP platform with Manager, enabling swift and targeted emergency broadcasts for the timely dissemination of vital information across network displays.

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Remote Desktop

Maximize IT efficiency by accessing network displays remotely through Manager's web-based dashboard, eliminating the need for on-site visits to ensure swift troubleshooting and hassle-free device management.

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App Management

Simplify app management with a single command, offering IT admins the flexibility to remotely install and tailor app accessibility based on the specific requirements of network devices.

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Certificate Management

Ensure robust digital security with myViewBoard Manager by easily installing remote certificates for network devices. This process establishes trust, verifies identities, and guarantees data confidentiality across networks.

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Profile Configuration

Create device profiles of templatized settings, including device startup and shutdown schedules, then effortlessly assign them to selected devices, streamlining operations by eliminating manual configuration.

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What Educators Are Saying About Manager

  • Selina Storri
    IT Executive, Nexus International School

    ViewSonic’s interactive displays have played a crucial role in helping us to create a more engaging learning environment for our students. Now, with the help of myViewBoard Manager, all devices are well set up so learners enjoy more immersive and interactive lessons which keep learning exciting and interesting.

  • Jürgen Heimühle
    Principal, Gymnasium schloss Heessen

    Manager Advanced lets our school centrally manage all our ViewBoards, ensuring the same teaching set-up for every teacher and always keeping the whole school’s security and privacy under control. In addition, it provides more flexible options by letting us set a specific schedule to turn devices on and off, reboot and install OTA updates so that it does not disrupt teaching.

  • Dunan Ricks
    ICT Manager of Ashford School

    With myViewBoard Manager you can login and check the status of any screen and change the signal source remotely from the web browser, saving us time and personnel resources who no longer need to travel between our different sites to fix simple issues.

  • Nigel Jolley
    Assistant Headteacher of The Broxbourne School

    With a new school built at The Broxbourne School, it was important to have a centrally managed solution. All our screens are connected to myViewBoard Manager, allowing us to monitor our ViewSonic hardware and software within each classroom.

  • Ben Moore
    Technology Support Officer, Academies Enterprise Trust

    We had various types of panels and technologies in our schools, making it challenging to manage different solutions. Now, we use Manager Advanced across all our schools to schedule daily shutdowns for our panels, which is a significant initiative for us. This represents our ongoing commitment to a green environment.

Save Time and Energy

Watch how Manager Advanced maximizes operational efficiency in schools through advanced remote device management features, optimizing administration, campus communication, and performance monitoring.

Effortlessly Control ViewSonic Devices

ViewSonic ViewBoards, Presentation Displays, and any device paired with the ViewBoard Box integrate seamlessly with Manager, empowering you with comprehensive, centralized device management.

*Manager is serviceable with all ViewBoard series, ViewBoard Box, CDE 12 & 20 Series, and limited ViewSonic LED display series.


Tailored for education, ViewSonic's ViewBoard Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) seamlessly integrate with the myViewBoard software suite to elevate the classroom experience, promoting interactive and dynamic teaching methods that inspire both students and educators.

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ViewBoard Box

Convert any compatible monitor, display, or projector into a digital podium integrated with myViewBoard for all your presentation, collaboration, and productivity needs.

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Presentation Displays

Designed to seamlessly and sustainably engage your campus, ViewSonic Presentation Displays integrate Manager to empower remote, centralized control of school news, presentations, media, and emergency broadcasts using your preferred templates.

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All-in-One LED Displays

Elevate large audience campus events with ViewSonic All-in-One LED displays. Tailored for foyers, amphitheaters, and other large venues, these displays offer schools a user-friendly, one-stop large display solution.

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Supercharge Your Device Management

    Centralized Management
    Device Information
    Device Grouping
    API Integration
    Certificates Management
    Device Usage Report
    User Action Log
    User Permissions Management
    Cloud Storage
    System Backup and Restore
    1 Restore Point
    10 Restore Points

    Remote Device Control
    Remote Commands
    Firmware Update
    App Installation
    Show/Hide Apps
    Remote Desktop
    Automated Job Scheduling
    Profiles for Simultaneous Device Setup
    Device Startup and Shutdown Scheduling
    File Transfer

    Campus Communication
    Message Broadcasts
    Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Integration
    Broadcast Multimedia & Web Page
    Broadcast Playlists of Media
    Broadcast Media Layouts

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